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Online Services Division Team

Empower people to perform their work more easily.
Online Services. Division is based in Santa Barbara, California, with satellite offices and data centers around the world.

Every month, more than 17,000 new customers start using Online Services. Division’s services to work from anywhere with anyone – using our remote-connectivity tools to save time, get more done and connect to others around the world.

• A small business owner is able to work from home thanks to GoToMyPC.
• A project manager collaborates with remote co-workers using GoToMeeting.
• A trainer cancels her flights and conducts live online training with GoToTraining.
• A marketer generates a list of eager buyers by inviting prospects to an online webinar with GoToWebinar.
• A support agent fixes a customer’s PC remotely on the first call using GoToAssist.

K. V. Rao, Senior Manager Products, Engineering: At COL I clearly know 'why' I am developing a 'feature'. Customer focus and market needs are the key drivers of engineering and innovation which makes it a great place to invest my time & skills.

The Online Services. Division team in Bangalore, India was setup in 2009 and is currently involved in the development of GoToMyPC and GoToAssist products. Following the scrum model of development, the team is agile in releasing new features and enhancements.

Sripriya Subramaniam, Technical Operations Manager: Innovation and energy is what we are all about. We open opportunities to build and support high-end products. That makes it a great to place to work for.

The Online Services. Division Bangalore team is equipped to handle the entire development life cycle with skill-set in Product, Project management, User Experience Design, Development, Testing, Networking and Operations.

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